Website Security

We are seeing more and more in the media about Website Security and how secure a website is...this completely depends on how security savvy you are. At FirstNet Direct we have experts that will ensure your website remains secure to threats and hacks at all times.

We will install a pro-active approach that will alert us should the worst happen and someone tries to gain unauthorised access to your website. With this alert, the practice will already be in place to stop and neutralise the threat immediately

Cyber Attacks

Websites are always vulnerable to cyber attacks, even those of small businesses. Global security company Symantec notes that in 2014, small businesses were targeted in 30 percent of all cyber attacks. The company explained that:

“Hackers use a small business as a stepping stone to get to a big business.”

Cyber attacks target your most sensitive data, customer and transaction records, and in the act of stealing your information and covering their tracks, your website can be severely damaged.

The lack of a recent backup can result in the loss of days, weeks or months of business (depending on how old the available backup is) even after recovery is complete.

The survey polled some 503 WordPress users, including a mix of US-based businesses and bloggers.

It found that 47 percent of WordPress users only back-up their websites every few months, which makes them vulnerable to cyber attacks or even their own carelessness.

While 54 percent update WordPress at least every few weeks, less than a quarter of them use a website backup plug-in. And even fewer apparently have training on how to use these tools. In addition:

  • 25 percent aren’t trained on how to use WordPress
  • 22 percent are “clueless” about WordPress backups
  • 21 percent have seen the “white screen of death” multiple times
  • 69 percent have experienced a plug-in failure following an update
  • 63 percent have deleted files that were not backed up
  • 22 percent said backup plug-in seems “unimportant”

But while they don’t appear to be overly concerned with preventing problems, WordPress users surveyed will pay a premium to get lost information back.

Nearly a quarter would shell out “almost anything,” for a complete restore and nearly 20 percent would cough up several thousand dollars to get the job done, according to the survey.

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