Managed Backups of your WordPress website


To many end users are losing their data and information stored on their own websites purely because the information is not backed up.

In today's society more and more are self conscious of backing up their files stored on a PC or laptop, with most using cloud storage to ensure that data is readily accessible from any location.

Your website should be no different...with a simple Google Search you will see how important it is to backup your WordPress website.

Take a look at this article as an example

Updates Can Break WordPress

When you update WordPress, remember that:

“Installing major updates…may break your website until the broken plugin, theme or custom code is updated.”

CodeGuard’s survey results bring the reality of that scenario home:

  • “21 percent have seen the ‘white screen of death’ (i.e. WordPress update failure) multiple times, and it’s horrible!”
  • “69 percent have had a plugin fail after an update, and 24 percent have had it happen ‘many times’”

Without a recent backup, recovering from a WordPress update failure can be painful. Why?

WordPress updates can, and do, occur often (even weekly) meaning that a backup taken even one month ago can be out of date. This could require many manual updates of both the core system, plugins, themes and custom code to catch your site up after it breaks.

We offer a bespoke managed backup of your WordPress website with the full ability to restore your website to a new domain if and when needed.


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