Business Telephone Systems

Businesses are increasingly global in the 21st century and this means firms cannot rely on their old telephone systems any more as they will no longer be up to the job.

Getting a new system that is equipped for the flexibility required in the new century is therefore a must for companies that want to ensure they are not left behind by their rivals.

While telephone systems may not seem important on the face of it, they are vital for organisations that want to give members of staff the chance to work from home or while on the move. With employees increasingly demanding this option, having a system in place that allows them to do so while staying in touch with the office is a must. As this is often the first line of contact with the customer, it is also vital the business telephone system works well.

Here at FirstNet Direct we can lead you through the process and help you to get the perfect business telephone system for your own specific needs that will be able to adapt as your company’s requirements change in the future.

A unified system is a must in the 21st century, so we will work closely with you to bring together all your communication methods, such as conference calls, email, instant messaging, video conferencing and faxing.

We work closely with top suppliers such as Mitel, NEC, Siemens and Samsung, so you can be assured we have all the tools, expertise and knowledge to get you up and running.


Smaller offices may find an analogue business telephone system will be enough. This is usually a single copper line that runs into your building via your line’s provider.

As only a small amount of bandwidth is available through this type of system it is only usually suitable for voice calls.

One of the main benefits of analogue lines is that they can be spliced into multiple lines, which in effect means your office can have multiple phones all with the same number.

However, analogue lines are only recommended to those companies with just a few members of staff and those firms that do not require direct dial numbers.


Larger companies may benefit from digital business telephone systems, rather than analogue options. These have the advantage of being able to handle multiple functions, including direct lines, multiple extensions, keypad-entry menus, hold music and interactive voice response.

These business telephone systems can be built by our technicians here at FirstNet Direct to your firm’s own specific requirements and we will be with you every step of the way to make sure it is running exactly how you want it.

A digital telephone system often allows companies to unify communication methods such as email, instant messaging and voice calls, leading to a simpler and more straightforward system.

This means executives and staff members can stay in touch wherever they are, even if they are using a personal tablet computer or mobile phone away from their desk.


The final main option we offer is Voice over IP (VoIP), which is a growing trend in this area. VoIP’s benefits include that it is cost-effective and provides a greater level of communications flexibility.

Productivity can be boosted through the installation of a VoIP business telephone system, which allows your firm to carry phone calls over an IP data network.

This means companies can go one step further towards a fully unified system by integrating all forms of communications, no matter the location, time or device being used.

For more details about the range of business telephone systems provided by FirstNet Direct, give us a call on 01827 218300. If you choose to work with us, we will provide you with a full assessment of your business telephone systems before beginning to build your system.

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