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Data RecoveryData Recovery can be invaluable if your storage device fails. We offer a full data recovery service for all types of hard drives, USB devices, laptops, RAID arrays and desktop computers.

Data storage and availability are a major concern to companies today, there are many decisions to make depending on the technology used for instance a SAN (storage area network) or NAS (network attached storage), choosing a RAID configuration for performance or redundancy. But in the event that something goes wrong make sure you have a backup plan.



The Challenge

If you are reading this now ask yourself if you lost access to your business data now what would you do? Now go and check to see if you were right.

If you dont have a planned procedure for what happens after a data loss then you should definitely call us now to find out what to do to put an effective Disaster Recovery (DR) plan together.

Its gone and I can’t get it back!

If you find yourself in the situation that you have lost data either from a usb drive or from the result of a machine not starting there are things we can do to try and recover the data.

We can recover data from many types of storage devices including USB, IDE, SATA or SCSI hard disk drive where the following procedure is used.

  • A baseline image of the faulty drive is created and stored on the recovery servers. This means that if any data should get damaged during the restore we can step back in time and start the process again from the beginning.
  • The data is interrogated using specialised software tools. Corrupt data can be restored or rebuilt. The data recovery technicians are skilled in restoring corrupt data and rebuilding system areas of the hard drive.
  • If restoration fails at this point, we will attempt to reconstruct the data on the drive using deep recovery techniques, rebuilding the data bit by bit. Unless the actual magnetic media within the hard drive is damaged this process has a very high success rate.
  • Even if the hard drive is physically damaged the drive can be striped to its basic components in a dust free clean room. We can rebuild the drive using new parts. Almost 2/3rd of all data recovery cases undertaken are caused by some form of hardware failure.

We are able to restore data in 99% of all data loss cases. we have a history of completing problematic and challenging data recovery tasks for a wide range of private and corporate clients across a wealth of hardware platforms..

Some of the services we provide are

FirstNet Direct believe that it is vital that an organisation of any size should have some form of disaster plan in place whether that is a simple backup of critical company data to a fully managed and updated Disaster Recovery plan.On-Site Data Backup.

  • Off-site / remote data backup solutions.
  • Online Data Backup solutions.
  • Backup Monitoring & Verification.

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