Security Auditing

FirstNet Direct will conduct an assessment of your current IT Security policies and produce management reports on your current exposure to threats.

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What is Security Audit?

There is no formal definition for a security audit; and there is no legal requirement for a specified function called a security audit. Nevertheless, you need to do it; and the bigger you are, the more likely it is that there is effectively if not quite explicitly a legal requirement to do it. 


Defining Security Audit

If you search on the internet you'll find many different definitions. And now we're going to add another. A security audit is the final step in the implementation of your security defenses. First you undertake a risk analysis to discover your assets and your risks. Then you develop a security policy to define what you are going to defend and how you are going to defend it. Then you use various methods, including information security products, to enforce that policy. And finally, you undertake a security audit to check the efficiency of those methods. So a security audit is the process of testing and ensuring that your company assets are fully protected - nothing more, and nothing less.


Why do I need Security Audit?

Put very simply, you need a security audit in order to ensure that your security systems are working. Not only is there no point in having security that doesn't work, it is probably worse than having no security - at least with no security, you know that you have no security. Also, a good security audit, if undertaken by an outside consultancy, will point out gaps in your existing defenses.


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