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iStock_000001759899SmallIn building a new data centre or evaluating an existing site facility, it is necessary to understand the risks associated with geography, physical building infrastructure, and location of network critical facilities within any proposed building environment, as well as calculating a suitable room size.

Our consultants will advise on rooms size based on current and future cabinet rack footprint requirements and associated cabinet energy demands as part of the Data Centre Construction and management service.

A balance will be made depending on power calculations between actual I.T equipment, servers and associated hardware floor space and that required for effective temperature cooling such as air conditioning and power related equipment. Workspace Technology will manage the process and make location and expansion recommendations as standard based on:-


  • Data Centre Construction
  • Building Construction and quality
  • Physical security
  • Equipment Access
  • Quality and Capacity of utility supplies
  • Bandwidth availability
  • Geography


Depending on the availability and associated security access requirements FirstNet Direct offers a range of traditional data centre construction or modular partition systems based fabrications. Where enhanced fire rating efficiency and fire protection or physical security is required a number of modular products including Modusec are offered which can be deployed to create a completely self-contained secure room operation.

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