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Data Cabling is perhaps not the most exciting component within an IT department, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important – in fact, far from it.

If your company’s cabling is not set up properly or the wrong type of cables are being used for your own specific needs, it’s likely this is going to have a negative impact on the business.

With money still tight for a lot of firms, it’s vital to make sure there isn’t any wastage and this is why ensuring cabling solutions and services are used properly is so important.


Here at FirstNet Direct we can help you to work out the right cabling for your business and lead you through every step of the way to get you up and running.

The process

Once you’ve decided to get help from FirstNet Direct with your cabling solutions and services, we will send out a member of our team to carry out a full survey to assess your existing setup.

We will then provide you with a detailed document that will propose our solution for your own specific needs, providing you with the flexibility and efficiency you need to last for decades.

A wide range of cabling systems are offered and our highly-trained specialists will be on hand to ensure they are fitted and tested properly to get you up and running – you’re likely to notice an immediate improvement at this stage.

We also offer the FirstNet Direct guarantee that if your cabling system fails within the first ten years after it is installed, we will be on site with you the very next day to get it fixed.

Cabling Options

Our accreditations with companies and brands such as ADC Krone, AMP Netconnect, Annixter, Cooper B-Line, Corning, Draka, Essential, Excel, Hellerman Tyton, FCS, Prism, Quantum and Ultima mean we have all of the cabling

solutions and services you could possibly need – ensuring we can put together a system that is right for you and will last you for a very long time indeed.

Changes can be expensive and disruptive to make once a system has been set up, so it is vital you have the right cables in place as early as possible to ensure you’re up and running.


Get in touch with us here at FirstNet Direct and our specialists will be happy to go through some of the options available to your firm and get you booked in for your free assessment.

Testing Your Cables

Testing is arguably the most important part of the installation process when adding new cabling solutions and services and you can be assured our experienced technicians will test a vast range of parameters on your system before approving it to be used.

Most of the installations we carry out for companies have testing and certification of cabling systems included as standard, while we can also test and certificate your existing setup if you want our specialists to give it the once-over. Organisations moving into a new premises will find that this option is particularly useful.


If you want to find out more about the cabling solutions and services provided by FirstNet Direct, do not hesitate to give us a call on 01827 218300

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