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After the success of our iOS launch, we decided to include Android Apps to our portfolio. We recruited an Android Application Developer to work alongside our core Development team to build and design bespoke Apps for the Android market.

Here at FirstNet we have a small team of highly skilled Mobile developers, with experience in creating all types of applications on all devices for small local businesses right round to large corporate companies.

We have the skill and expertise to create you the perfect application for you or your business/product for a global audience of over 1.08 billion smartphone users and growing.

Android Apps Development

If you or your business is looking for Android development as part of your mobile strategy, it is important that you choose Android app developers that have a solid understanding of the additional considerations required when building for this platform. Firstnet is a leading Android app development company and has great experience implementing design and cross-device compatibility, whilst our testing procedure ensures visual and performance consistency between devices.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our apps are compatible on all IOS and Android devices
  • Designed and tested on the latest operating systems
  • Fully integrated to social media platforms
  • They take full advantage of native features like the camera, maps, emails and more
  • We work close to you and provide the ultimate experience when it comes to promoting product or brand.

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